Saturday, August 4, 2012

Perfect for the hot, muggy day!

t was a hot, sticky, gross day and I was motoring around looking at apartments for sale. If you're shopping for apartments in NYC without hoards of cash on hand you'll find yourself either depressed or in odd neighborhoods. And that's what brought me to the corner of Pacific St and Washington Ave in Brooklyn.

I first toured the apartments, hoping that some nice cool air conditioning would set things straight. Nope. Not only did the units not have the a/c on, but they were also glass cubes that would allow sun in from all angles. And on the 7th floor with a broken elevator. And overpriced.

So I left as a sweaty mess and made for the closest place with cold drinks. It was a cute little place called Ortine. I walked in and was greeted by a charming woman who asked what I would like. Really, I wanted a coke. But I looked around looking for confirmation that they had coke (signs, fridge with coke, coke glasses, whatever) and saw nothing. Then I saw a bottle of ginger beer. I LOVE ginger beer. But I couldn't tell if they were selling it or if they had a bottle on display because it looked good. "You sell that ginger beer?" I asked. "Sure do." she replied. She pulled out a frosty one and I was off. Walked two steps out the door and took a sip. Mind: blown. I looked at the label, and it was Fentimans Ginger Beer, an English brand bottled in Canada. So good. Later, I found this commecial spot for it on YouTube:

Hilarious. Drink this and you will not be disappointed!