Thursday, May 24, 2012

Never Judge a Book...

'll readily admit that I've slacked here a bit, but life has been way more busy recently than it has in a long time.  I work hard to not make long-range plans, and yet for a few weeks now I've had a series of events that had been scheduled far in advance.  It's been fun, but I need a break!  So until that happens, I'd like to share this story from a friend of mine which is most certainly appropriate content for this space.  He is a very successful entrepreneur and a really friendly guy, and I absolutely loved this story (complete with a moral!).

"Yeah this is going to come off [as] pretentious - fuck it I'm tired, cranky and wet:

So going into TD Bank I bump into a couple of guys in suits who treat me like I was bringing them lunch (I'm very casual today - hoodie, pasha, designer jeans). They ask if I want a job, I smile and respond with "I created my job, why don't you go back to your cubical before your boss fires you."

You would think with the tech & startup culture in NYC these idiots would be more careful about the assumptions they make. Especially when they are wearing off the rack suits (badly tailored) and discount shoes."

Cheers, MF.