Thursday, June 16, 2011

All-Clad Porcelain & Steel Bakeware Takes the Cake

told you about All-Clad's cookware before. It's amazing, and IMHO the best you can find. Well back when I was picking up some more at Bed Bath & Beyond I came across a new line of bakeware that was a Pillivuyt porcelain dish with an All-Clad trivet. I examined it for a while, and then stuck to immediate needs which was more in the cookware area.

Last weekend I was back in Bed Bath & Beyond. Don't get me wrong - I'm not a huge fan of this overcrowded store (you'd think people had never seen fans before) but it offers cheap cleaning supplies. Apparently they also sell food too, which is odd. I digress. Back in the All-Clad section, and this porcelain/steel combo was gone. Suspecting it wasn't going to reappear, I went home and researched.

Indeed, the line is getting pulled. Why?!? Is the American public really that big of a group of philistines? I looked around and found a guy on eBay who was liquidating a lot of them in new-in-box (NIB) condition for half price. Two models were made, a square one and a rectangular one. Surprisingly enough, the square pan was larger. I liked it better, so I bought two. They arrived two days later.

Pillivuyt is a French porcelain company that has been around since 1818. They are considered one of the top porcelain producers in the world. All-Clad was founded in 1960 and is considered one of the top crafters of cooking steel. Combined, this is some incredible talent. Pillivuyt's porcelain dish can go in the microwave, the oven, the dishwasher, and the freezer. It's heavy and beautiful and separate from the metal trivet. The trivet is constructed of steel and has rubber feet that will not scratch the table surface. It has carry handles that stay cool.

As far as I can tell there are two types of trivets.  There are beautiful trivets that are useless - things slide off or the trivet transfers too much heat.  There are also very practical trivets that  work well and look awful.  All-Clad's trivet scores points for both form and function.  It protects the table from temperature and scratches, allows people to pass and serve from a hot pan, and adds style to the table.

Remember, these are being discontinued, so choose the one you like (or hell, the one you can find) and get it before it's too late.  And shame on that All-Clad exec for canning this product.  The all-steel pans are nice, but just not the same!


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