Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thomas Pink - The Joie

homas Pink is a world famous shirtmaker based at Jermyn Street in London.  They offer a slightly more relaxed style than their counterparts like Turnbull & Asser or Hilditch & Key.  While leaning more towards mainstream styles, their selection of shirts and fabrics are outstanding.

Having worked in advertising, I'm well aware that the brand is all about setting the image of the company and its products.  And the image that Thomas Pink put forward in this video sums them up well; it's bouge but with attitude and fun.  Have a look:

The lesson here? You can still be bouge at play. Loosened ties with a game of cricket, wearing hats, sporting dress shoes with jeans, champagne with friends, and having no shame in stepping it up a bit for an evening party.  Pink totally captured the joie that is casual bouge.


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