Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bourbon Season

s gin season winds down, bourbon season approaches us.  I kicked off my bourbon extravaganza at Char No. 4, a fantastic restaurant in the Carrol Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn that has an unparalleled collection of bourbons on hand to try.  Samples may be ordered in small quantities so as to try any number of their 150 whiskeys on hand.  Our samples  were paired with good company and a great dinner, and then interrupted quite suddenly when the frat boys found address.  Despite that, it was an excellent evening, and among the bourbons sampled, Makers 46 took top prize.  It was rustic and smooth, and the barrel wood really came through.  This is a new bourbon for the Makers Mark brand, and they put together a fine sipping experience.

Inspired by the evening, I stopped by my local package store and picked up a bottle of Maker's 46 as well as a bottle of Hirsch Selection Small Batch Reserve Bourbon.  The latter was about $6 less than the $36 Maker's 46.  My friend S.G. was visiting from out of town, and kindly contributed Prichard's to the mix.

The Prichard's is a bit more "old school" and rustic compared to the other two.  There's woodiness and earthiness to it, and it's a bit more unrefined - in a good way.  The Hirsch is almost the opposite:  Smooth, very refined, with a lot more complexity in the palette.  Maker's 46, as shown above, is right about in the middle.

I'll keep trying more; a show of kindness to you, dear reader, to make sure you know the very best in bourbons for this upcoming season of brown spirits.  It's a difficult task, but I'm up for it!


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