Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Worthwhile Trip

as up on 57th St today for a meeting with someone.  At its conclusion, I took a detour over to Worth & Worth (57th St @ 6th Ave), arguably New York's most famous hat store.  As a matter of personal preference, I like it more than JJ's (J.J. Hat Center - 5th Ave @ 32nd St), though both are fully respectable.  Worth & Worth predominantly sells hats, but they can also make custom suits and shirts, and they are the only place in New York where I've found M. Talarico full-stick umbrellas for sale.

The salesmen at Worth & Worth have always been great; friendly, very knowledgeable, and excited about their products.  I had a wonderful conversation about panama hats and felt fedoras, and while I didn't make a purchase today, I felt that I had left with more knowledge than when I arrived.  For example, I learned that some of the straw used in panama hats will darken with age, while others may not.  This adds a lot of interest and texture to the hats.  I also learned that the stiffness of felt hats is due to the amount of felt used to make it.  More felt = stiffer brim. Learned about making hat adjustments and blocking, which was fascinating!

So if you are in the area and can spare the time, I'd highly recommend a visit.  The store is beautiful and you're sure to have some fun.


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